Chinese Language Coach

Nǐ Hǎo!

My Chinese name is Lei Sun( Lei is my first name).

I have over 10 years of teaching experience with both kids and adults.

I have the very first hand experience and the passions of teaching Chinese to English speakers. My students are from all over the world at various levels at different ages.

I graduated from Beijing Language and Culture University which is the most well-known and prestigious Chinese(mandarin) school for foreigners.

I love teaching and have passions for languages!
I hope I can serve as a bridge between American and Chinese Cultures

If you want to learn Chinese Mandarin faster and learn it right the first time, feel free to contact me!

I believe learning should be fun and fulfilling.

Language is a powerful tool to open more opportunities in people's life and I have the ability to equip you with this tool.

Learning a language is a long challenging journey, if there is anything I can help, I would like to make your learning process more easy and fun!

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Elisabeth Wallimann / 龙米


I met Cristina first in Beijing where she taught me private classes. These lessons were so efficient, that sometimes I chose not to go to class at university but rather study one or two hours with Cristina. Later I took lessons over Skype with her. I have gotten to know Cristina as an extremely reliable and proficient person and a great teacher. She intuitively recognized the students needs and always challenges the student to take the next step without overcharging the lessons. She also sets a high value on the pronunciation which is so important in Chinese. Her language skills in both English and Chinese are excellent and she also moves easily between Chinese and Western culture. She will immediately recognize if a student doesn’t understand the meaning of one word or the meaning of a phrase, which is another crucial point in teaching Chinese. All these talents make her not only a great teacher but also a very interesting person to discuss the studied texts with. I am very grateful to her for accompanying me on my path from a very basic to a proficient Chinese level.

Elisabeth Wallimann / 龙米 HSK 5 (C1) ,Switzerland