There are so many questions from students when it comes to Chinese Mandarin learning. It is also smart to know some of the most important tips before you dive in the “Chinese ocean” and drown!

Tip #1 Learn it Consistently!

This is the most important part of learning anything language, and it is also the key to success.

It is better to keep spending small amount time every day than spending hours 1 day and don’t touch Chinese for a whole week!

I can’t emphasize how important it is for you to be committed to the language and put time into it on regular basis. You have to try your best to immerse yourself in Chinese as much as possible. I know we’re all busy, with school work, with work, with business, with family etc. But if you thought through why you want to learn Chinese, and what it will change your future, you better make time for it, even just 15 minutes per day.

Find the time, make the time, listen to Chinese when you drive or wait; use 5 minutes before going to bed and review what you learned today. It is not easy, that’s why you have to have some motivation to learn it, it is a slow process and it takes consistent time and effort to see results. But once you make the effort, the accomplishment can be quite rewarding.

I hope you can find a great motivation for your Chinese learning and try to see the benefits in future. Learn it on daily basis, learn it consistently.

Now, it is time for a 10 minutes Chinese study, ready? Go!

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