If you’re in China, you would know that in many stores or markets, the price tags don’t exist, or even if you see them, you’ll still be able to ask the price and bargain in Chinese! If you know how to ask price in Chinese, then the seller won’t think you are soooo New to China, and probably they won’t rip you off so much as they would’ve if they know you don’t speak any Chinese. So learn how to ask price in Chinese will save you $ potentially! Let’s learn something that will really benefit you moneytarily!

Watch the video below to learn how to say these in Chinese:

  1. “How much is this?” in Chinese Mandarin.
  2. “How much is that?” in Chinese Mandarin

NO.1 :这个=zhè ge=This

NO.2 : 那个=nà ge = that

NO.3 : 多少钱=duō shǎo qián= How much…?

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