Have you ever think of how we started to learn our native language when we were a kid?

We learn from hearing,imitating and interacting.

    Do kids learn from text books and all the boring grammar rules?

    Do kids stay in classroom and take all the difficult tests? 

    Do kids make learn reading and writing before they speak? 

Absolutely No!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 

None of us learned how to speak the first language the way most people were taught in school when they learned a foreign language.

   Kids learned a language by listening and speaking first. 

Listen to native speaker ,repeat,try your best to imitate your teacher and speak! 

NO.1 : Learn Like a Baby

This is the best and the most fast way to learn a language.

Speaking is our natural ability and you need to listen to native speakers speak Chinese like the kids listen to adults and suck up all the new words. Kids don’t learn grammers,don’t know any rules you are learning from the boring Chinese text book; Kids don’t have all those high-end words from the text book that you might never use in your life when you speak Chinese.But they can communitate what they want,what they think.

After years of learning experience in classroom,you might still find that you still have difficult time opening your moth to speak a single easy Chinese sentence . Why? Because language is a communation tool human being use and it is our natural ability to learn how to speak.The way people are trained how to speak Chinese are against the nature of us and learning how to read and write first takes away the basic needs ,funtion and the FUN parts out of the learning process.It is totally wrong and not pratical.

NO.2 : You Learn How to Speak First!

This is my personal learning English experience and from years of teaching Chinese Mandarin experience. Once you start to learn how to speak and express what you want in daily life,you feel natural and fun to learn more and speak more!

NO.3 : Spend 30 minutes everyday ( or just 5, if you ARE that Busy)

Some ABC (American Born Chinese)  want to learn Chinese because you have Chinese background and you feel better if you know some of the language that your parents or grandparents can speak.

I know some ABC feel guilty that they can’t speak any Chinese,if you are one of them ,start today get rid of your guiltiness!It is easier for you guys to start.Once you start then your kids are more likely to speak Chinese and English in future.

What is your reason? Find it out! Start to Learn Chinese Mandarin Seriously!!!!

 Remember:It is easy and fun to speak Chinese if you learn SPEAKING FIRST!

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