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Words on the Street...

Christina has done such a great job teaching my two daughters (ages 9 and 7) Chinese.  She build great rapport with them, balanced their unique language learning needs, and helped make the learning time fun and engaging.  My daughters enjoyed the many varied learning activities that Christina planned for them.

- David Wang, Biola University , CA

Lei Laoshi and I met twice a week over the summer to practice my mandarin. We met in public and I felt very relaxed. Most of the time it felt more like having a conversation than a tutoring session, (all in mandarin of course) and Lei Laoshi was always helping me get my message across without simply pointing out mistakes. We also reviewed my first year of Mandarin schooling, and Lei Laoshi took it beyond simple review by introducing some new vocabulary and grammar concepts understandable at my level of Chinese. She was able to introduce a nice level of discipline without being overbearing in a tutoring setting by urging me to be prepared for each of our lessons, which was nice because it can be very easy to let yourself get lazy over summer. Overall our lessons were great and we got along well. I felt I could openly discuss many topics and things going on in my life in Chinese, which is ultimately the purpose of learning a language-- to converse,that is.

- Alec Fraser, Boston College

Lei helped me with my Chinese as a private tutor when I was studying in Beijing Language and Culture University. I was a total beginner and we had 3 sessions each week. She answered all my questions in very simple English and corrected my pronunciation. We focused on listening, speaking and grammar in different stages of learning. She has helped me immensely with my Chinese learning. Now I can communicate in Chinese and work in China.


- Park Jeon Yong, Manager, JAEYOUNG SOLUTEC Co.,Ltd. , HuiZhou, China